Great Pic of a Toddler Beer Shopping!

Here’s a funny pic I stole from Tosh.O…Now I’ll emulate Tosh, and see how many funny things I can type about this Parenting Failure in 30 seconds.

“These Aggies are looking younger and younger to me every year!”

“They sure start ‘em young in Hearne”

“That’s gonna help with the potty training, after 2 he’ll be going every 5 minutes. Plenty of opportunities to practice.”

“Hey Dad, I want a little brother…this is how I got here? right?”

“Oh no, looks like Timmy has fallen of the little red ‘wagon’ again!”

and finally,

“Charlie Sheen takes his first steps.”

Thank you can do better? Well Niblett took the night off so email us your captions and I’ll pass the to Nibs.

Everyone have a great Labor Day Weekend!


Source: Tosh.0