Krashing Down ‘Survivor South Pacific’ Episode #1

Episode 1: “I Need Redemption”

The premiere to Survivor South Pacific proved to be very interesting.  16 new castaways have come to the South Pacific to try their luck at the grand prize of one million dollars.  In order to get to the gold they will have to defeat returning castaways Benjamin “Coach” Wade and Ozzy Lusth.  The first episode highlighted the leadership, presence, and possible problems with the returnees.

Your Game Is What You Make It

I feel like people on this show often try to operate in some strict chemistry formula.  The ability to make adjustments on a daily or even hourly basis can divide a bad player from a good player, and a good player from a million dollar winner.  Coach and Ozzy entered this game to seek redemption and they say they have changed.  They can make these statements all they want but it’s what they do from now on that will count.  On day one the two arrived at redemption battle arena to be presented in front of the tribes.  Coach became a part of the Savaii (blue) tribe, while Ozzy joined the Upolu tribe.  Upolu looked absolutely thrilled with their new teammate in Ozzy.  Savaii looked as if they had been hit by a train.  They seemed to want to do absolutely nothing with Coach.  However I would rather have Coach.  He won’t be an asset early on probably.  He may never be an asset, but he is a good person to have in your alliance.  The guy is very loyal and his loyalty will destroy him.  Dragon slayer tails will also deflect attention.  In normal Survivor fashion we had a day one twist.  Ozzy and Coach squared off in a one on one challenge for their individual tribes.  Ozzy won fairly easily on a half physical half puzzle duel.  To be expected!  The tribes were then sent off to their individual camps.  As expected the returning players made their statements at camp.  Ozzy decided to run a free spirit, lets do whatever the hell we want camp.  Much to the contrary Coach’s came in disappointed at their loss at reward.  However they got a shelter up quick and found a weakness within the group.  39 year old teacher Christine decided to be devious and search for the hidden immunity idol IN BROAD DAYLIGHT.  Not a good idea on day one.  I’m all for playing hard, I’m all for finding the idol, but you’ve got to be a little sneaky.  Christine was so eager to deploy her on idea of Survivor she ignored timing and patience to pull of such a task.

What A Challenge

The opening reward challenge could not have been any better.  In a complex obstacle course/shoot the coconut at the end challenge, Coach had Savaii ready.  Ozzy rounded up his troops on Upolu and made one grave mistake.  Ozzy is the greatest athlete in the history of this game, and a good leader.  However he has a soft spot for the ladies, and not in a smart Boston Rob sense.  Early on Ozzy showed his admiration for castaway Semhar.  She volunteered to be one of the ending participants of the challenge, where throwing a coconut into a hoop was the conclusion.  Fast forwarding to the end of the challenge both of the tribes were neck and neck.  This was seriously one of the closest and most exciting immunity challenges in Survivor history.  It all came down to Semhar being too weak to be able to continuously lift coconuts and put them in the net.  On the Savaii side there was a one woman wrecking crew.  21 year old Lingerie football player Mikayla was absolute dynamite.  She nailed almost every shot sending her tribe to an opening victory.  Semhar immediately put herself on the chopping block following the loss, and with good reason.  Trying to be a hero in the first three days is almost always certain to end in failure.

Brains Vs. Breasts

Last season we seen a lot of smarter players get axed early via Boston Rob.  He had an agenda of keeping young babes around as his minions and taking out the opponents.  This go around Ozzy had a group of young girls following him around right from the start.  Go-go dancer Elyse, country singer Whitney, and Semhar all seemed to be on his side.  With the upcoming vote Semhar became quick discussion to be voted off, and Ozzy of course was quick to be in her defense.  The other option was to vote off Survivor fan-boy Cochran.  Cochran is a weak and scrawny guy with some humor and wits.  He is what this game needs.  He is someone who showed that he is real, and a real student of Survivor.  Fortunately for Cochran professional poker player Jim came to his side.  Jim not wanting to see another young girl takeover hopped on the, “stand up against Ozzy” bandwagon fast.. and people listened.  Ozzy I think quickly learned that his possible Rob idea may not work.  He joined the majority and ousted Semhar unanimously at tribal.  Fortunately for her she will have a shot at redemption island once again this season.

Final Notes

Ozzy and Coach both have potential to make it far in this game, but the first 3 weeks will be do or die.  Coach already has a lot of people leery of his antics.  Though he came through at the immunity challenge and seems to be gaining some trust.  Coach is a good guy and I think people will realize he will be useful up into the merge.  Ozzy however has to win challenges, as soon as the tribe gets bitter he’s gone.  Ozzy has an ego he carries and it may rub potential power players like Cochran and Jim wrong.  Another notable player is Savaii’s Brandon Hantz.  The nephew of the infamous Russell Hantz.  He has a good head on his shoulders and a good feel for this game I’d like to believe.  However with tattoos of “Hantz” on his body he won’t be able to hide his secret long.  How will people take it?  Next week I think we may find out.  Can’t wait to see what develops!

Player Of The Week:  Mikayla Wingle