Krashing Down ‘Survivor South Pacific’ Episode #3

Episode 3: “Reap What You Sow”

Episode three of Survivor South Pacific was not too groundbreaking.  However the first duel took place, the Hantz name was put more at the forefront, and Savaii struggled more with their athletic weak links.

Agents Of Chaos

Coach Wade is an agent of chaos through his Survivor history.  Not always because of strict game play but because of crazy antics.  Coach wanted to make an alliance with Brandon, but it’s quickly turning into a nightmare.. or is it?  Brandon has been outspoken about trying to oust Mikayla for virtually no reason.  This does not help the tribe morale of Upolu, but I do think it helps Coach.  I felt like Coach could have been an early target this season due to his past, but with a fellow nutcase it distracts attention.  Brandon had two tribe meetings in which he ambushed everyone, and met face to face with Mikayla.  On each meeting it has only made him more untrustworthy, crazy, and delusional on how to play this game.  If he were really trying to clear the Hantz family name, he’d have played a quieter game than his uncle.  This is the PERFECT ally for Coach, until Upolu cannot stand him any longer and it’s time to go.  As for Coach I’m actually impressed by his social game so far, and he has fair very well at challenges.  If he can prove he is an asset through the merge to Upolu he may be able to put some dents in the game.

Duel Number One

After the last vote Christine was sent off to redemption, to face off versus Semhar.  The first duel was a simple battle in which Christine prevailed on a pole balancing challenge.  Semhar thus became the first person eliminated from Survivor South Pacific and I expect Christine to be eventually.  Neither has struck me as strong players.

Savaii A Mixed Up Group

Survivor  producers did a great job of making the Savaii tribe a crazy mash up.  I feel as if they have the two strongest physical guys in the game in Ozzy and Keith.  However they also have the two weakest guys in Cochran and Mark “Papa Bear.”  The weaker links cost Savaii their second immunity challenge thus making it an easy vote.  Papa Bear had become an outcast on the tribe, and was a weak link in challenges.  Knowing he was on his way to being voted off to redemption Papa Bear made it clear that Dawn and Cochran also on the outskirts would be next.  This appears to be true, and it will be up to Cochran to ruffle some feathers to save his butt soon!  Next week it will be Papa Bear versus Christine in quite possibly a sloppy duel.

Immunity Idol Happenings

While nobody has found an idol at Upolu, Ozzy has for Savaii.  Ozzy made grave mistake number one of this season by deciding to disclose the information with Keith.  Keith then spilled the beans to Whitney.  This is how you end up letting your whole tribe know you’re playing a solo game Ozzy.. way to go.  I agree with maybe telling someone about the idol when it’s needed.  Now however?  It’s much too early.  Ozzy wants to play the game all out, but he doesn’t need to show everyone that yet.  Survivor is just as much about timing as it is execution.

Next week hopefully will be a bit more dramatic.  Will Brandon lose his mind even more?  Will Savaii keep getting weighed down by their weaker players?  We shall see!

Player Of The Week:  Benjamin “Coach” Wade

Player Of The Week Standings:

1.  Mikayla – 1 Win

1.  Ozzy – 1 Win

1.  Coach – 1 Win