LIST: The Worlds SEXIEST Female Singer is…



This woman. You probably aren’t familiar with her but she’s a British sensation and was (maybe still is) in consideration for some certain high profile singing competition judging roles. Her name is Cheryl Cole. I’m posting this as the list is all kinds of out of whack. Here are some of the notables:

2. Rihanna (TOTALLY agree)
5. Katy Perry (Yep)
6. Nicole Scherzinger (OVERALL???)
11. Beyonce (Agreed)
13. Selena Gomez (?????)
19. Carrie Underwood
24. Kellie Pickler
37. Ashley from Pussycat Dolls (Who??)
39. Jojo (she’s still around I guesss)
53. Britney Spears (ONLY 53rd)
55. Avril Lavigne (Still too high)
61. Jennifer Lopez (Peoples Sexiest Woman on the Planet can’t crack the Top 50)
96. Lady Gaga (No matter WHAT you think about her…COME ON?? 96?)

For the full list along with photo galleries for all of the Top 100 click here: