NINJA Alarm Clock

Having trouble waking up? Need and Alarm Clock with some extra umphf?  THEN YOU NEED the NINJA Alarm Clock!!!!

From an email ad I got earlier:

ThinkGeek™ Super Sonic Ninja Alarm Clock – with Bed Shaker

Great for grumpy teenagers and sound sleepers – Super Loud Ninja Alarm Clock is equipped with a bed shaker that will get you out of the bed no matter what kind of sleeping cycle you are inside.

Here are some of the features of this cool alarm clock:

– Three Different Alarm Settings
– Pulsating Light Alert
– Comes with 12V Bed Shaker
– Comes with 9V Backup Battery
– The Snooze Button (just in case)

Ninja Alarm Clock is not just another clock, this one can actually is super loud – as in LOUD. Get this to seriously get out of bed.