Real Life Wedding Crasher

I love the movie Wedding Crashers, and who hasn’t fantasized about pulling off some of those pranks?!?! But who would actually be dumb enough to try some of them?!?! Answer: Luciana Reichel, a University of Wisconsin student who has been sent to prison for 90 days for putting eye drops in her roommate’s water — a prank she got from the movie. Luciana Reichel was charged with a felony count of placing foreign objects in edibles after she repeatedly added Visine eye drops to Briannia Charapata’s water. The 22-year-old student allegedly bragged about the incidents and even laughed about it with another student who confessed it to Charapata. Unfortunately, movies has inspired a lot of crimes, HORRIBLE ones at that…so my weekend movie advice to you is this article and DON’T BE DUMB LIKE THESE PEOPLE: