Tortious Interference: What does that mean?

Alright, Adam Knight the Aggie Graduate with a BA in Political Science, here to talk to you for a minute about this whole “Baylor-suing-the-SEC-so-ATM-can’t-leave-the-Big 12″ thing!

First things first: For those who don’t know, Texas A&M IS LEAVING the Big 12 and going to play in the SEC in 2012. As far as official documentation goes, Texas A&M followed all the rules, The SEC Followed all the rules, and last week the Big 12 said, “We hate to see you go, but do what you think is best and we, what’s left of the Big 12 and it’s member schools promise we won’t sue you or the SEC cause you’re leaving us.”

Earlier this week, the SEC said, “Our Presidents voted, and we are welcoming Y’all Aggies into the South Eastern Conference. That is, unless someone says they are gonna try to sue us.”

And the Aggies Rejoiced!!! Until Ken Starr*, The President of Baylor, got involved.  Ken took it upon himself to call ALL of the SEC Presidents, and tell them, “If you take the Aggies from the Big 12, I’m gonna SUE YOU! and I may not win, but I will cost you an arm, a leg, a couple of million dollars, and a lot of time trouble and headaches, just call  your boys in Arkansas, and talk to William Jefferson Clinton!!”   (I’m paraphrasing, but I like to picture Ken Starr as a pent up little Elmer Fudd-type, with a disturbing fixation on the definition of what constitutes sexual intercourse.)

Well, the SEC had told Texas A&M, that the Aggies were gonna be in the SEC, unless someone said they’re gonna sue, and there’s Baylor shaking their paws, yelling sic em from the banks of the Brazos, and the Aggies aren’t officially in the SEC, yet and still.


Well I’m glad you asked, Ken Starr and the Baylor Dance team are basing their suit on Tortious Interference, which is the “Intentional interference with contractual relations.” To have a suit, Baylor must prove that they were in a contract with TAMU, then they have to prove that TAMU broke that contract, then they have to show damages from the broken contract, and then Baylor has to show that the SEC directly and intentionally made TAMU break that contract.

And logic tells me they have NO SUIT, Baylor and the Big 12 have a contract, as of last week TAMU and the Big 12 have a contract thru June 30, 2012, SEC told TAMU that they couldn’t talk til TAMU had settled any contractual issues with Big 12, TAMU and Big 12 agreed to dissolve their contract, and everything was fine UNTIL… OU said they thinking about leaving too, Then Baylor Cries FOUL and here we are today.

Holy CRAP, I completely and totally agree with a sports writer! This guy, CLAY TRAVIS, is 100 percent spot on, in fact as I was writing this, I was texted a link to a post that linked to this article.  READ IT!!! It really explains what I said and more, with better technical terms and it also has a better timeline.  IN FACT, now I wish I’d truly just linked to his article instead of spending an hour writing this.


I hope Mr Silve and Mr Loftin CALL BAYLOR’S BLUFF.  There is not tortious interference, everyone practiced good CYA on this deal except for the shortsighted Baylor Bears.  Now they get whoever will take them, GO SOUTHLAND CONFERENCE!!!

Looks like Baylor won’t be able to afford football stadium renovations without help from the government, because the Aggies won’t be back in Waco every other year to pack the visiting seats, alumni seats and student seats of Floyd Casey Stadium, for a long long long time. (Baylor attendance is attrocious, there were 20,000 more fans at the UT San Antonio Game last weekend, Baylor needs ticket revenue from Aggies driving to Waco, and they just flushed it down the litigation drain.)

 -Adam Knight ’98

*YES IT IS the same Ken Starr, that spent millions of tax dollars as a special investigator for the Attorney General. He was tasked to investigate Bill Clinton’s involvement in Whitewater real estate dealings, discovered no wrongdoing, but instead found out and focused on what Willie did with Monica Lewinsky and that’s how Bill got impeached for perjury and obstruction, Sic em, KEN!

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