Video: Kate Gosselin doesn’t want a “mediocre” job

Do you need another reason to hate on Kate Gossellin?  Well, here’s one:  Yesterday she was on the Today Show with Matt Lauer talking about how she just doesn’t want to settle with “mediocre” for her kids by having a “regular” job.  Kate said,

“Jon may be accepting of mediocre for his kids, and working a regular job . . . I want the best for my kids and the best opportunities, not unlike every parent… I think at this point, the best opportunity for all of us would be me continuing on TV as a way to provide for my kids.  Something that’s exciting and challenging for me has been TV, and I wouldn’t be opposed to it.”

If you want to cut right to that part, skip to about the three minute mark.

I’m guessing that Kate realized later how insulting she sounded, because she Tweeted that she didn’t mean to diss anyone who has a “mediocre” life:

“I meant this job is not a career according to Jon, but TV is and is hard, but will provide [better] opportunities for my kids [than] nursing!”

What do you think?  Was Kate insulting the rest of us with “regular” jobs, or does she just want the best for her kids?  Do you think she could provide for them just as well with a non-TV job?