Did I Mention I Love Adele???

I think Adele is one of the most amazing artists on the radio today, and her new album is phenomenal, so phenomenal I bought the CD & the vinyl (another passion I’m obsessed with). She just finished filming her new music video for Someone Like You, a song (like many on her new album), she wrote about the worst break-up of her life. After her ex dumped her he was engaged to his new lady within months, a situation she eludes to in in this song. Rolling Stone magazine featured Adele’s new album a few months back with an amazing write-up on the artist, who discussed her stage fright, odd quirks, and difficulty writing, recording and performing this song because of how deeply meaningful & hurtful it is for her. Cheers to Adele and Boo to the ass who broke her heart!

Here’s┬áher somber, yet interesting new video: