Dirty Jobs-Steve’s Best Kept Secrets

In case you missed the latest cover of Rolling Stone magazine, like many other recent publications, Steve Jobs graces the cover. Leave it to my favorite magazine to dish the dirt on the relentless man, prior to and in the midst of his success. In an amazing article written by Jeff Goodell, we get the story of a man most of us knew via that cute little Apple emblem, but in true RS style, we also get the personal, tangible side of a “hippie kid reinvented,” and some of the so-called “dirty deeds” he had to pull to find his success. For me, it’s obvious he was bound for greatness LONG before he realized.

Here’s 4 of the best from the article:

1- In TIME magazine, Jobs once called his girlfriend a skank! When he was 23 he found out he was having a daughter (that may or may not have been his) with his girlfriend at the moment. When interviewed by the magazine he painted his baby mama’s lifestyle as a rather promiscuous one, having said: “28% of the male population of the United States could be the father.”

2- In case you didn’t know, Jobs was adopted, and at one point in time his mother regretted adopting him. Mama Jobs said he was viciously out of control when he was 2, so much so she said, “I felt we had made a mistake, and I wanted to return him.” To calm him down she would ¬†basically ground him to the TV…irony? I think not.

3- Of course everyone who “makes it” has to start somewhere, and my favorite is always the successful person with the illegal background :) To make money while studying at UC-Berkeley, the 2 Steve’s who would later start Apple (Jobs & Steve Wozniak) illegally made & sold boxes that gave people the ability to make free long-distance phone calls. However, the best part of this story isn’t the invention itself but the fact the guys used this box to prank call the Vatican.

4- Jobs always had a way with politicians, primarily because of his radiant promises of future technology. But what politician would ever believe, let alone donate $20 million to, a man who had just left the biggest booming company in the world (Apple obviously) to start their own computer company?!?! The answer is Ross Perot, who was so captivated by Jobs that he invested that large sum in ¬†his then computer company called NeXT. For awhile it seemed like an empty, worthless waste of money. But like so many other well-thought out plans of the mastermind, all of his “NeXT” branded ideas, thoughts and creations were bought out by Apple when Jobs returned to the company. In reality, it may have taken awhile for Perot to see his return on investment, but let’s be serious…with the success of Apple since the 90s, what was once thought of as a half-brained waste of money, might have been the most intelligent thing Ross Perot EVER did.

To get more info on the current Rolling Stone article and to read a 1994 article/interview by Jeff Goodell, checkout the website here: http://www.rollingstone.com/culture/news/steve-jobs-in-1994-the-rolling-stone-interview-20110117



Here’s some cool and rare pics from his early Apple days, select mag cover pics, and some from the current issue/article in Rolling Stone: