Texas Tech Responds to Bus Vandalism…Just Makes It Worse

Well, this is just typical. As you might have heard, the A&M team busses were vandalized pre-game in Lubbock. A&M Athletic Director Bill Byrne tweeted the following about the incident:

Someone vandalized our buses in Lubbock. Excrement inside and outside of buses plus spray painted vulgarities on outside. Classy.

Today Texas Tech “officials” have responded to the allegations in a statement. The full text is below:

“Many of you are aware of a tweet from a Texas A&M official that their team buses were spray painted and animal feces were spread inside of the buses early Saturday morning. The clear implication of the tweet was that this was the responsibility of Texas Tech fans or students. Texas Tech has conducted an investigation regarding this allegation, and has discovered the following: The buses were not spray painted. Instead, washable shoe polish was used on the windows of one of the buses. No feces were found either in or on the buses. Fish bait was dropped onto the floor of one of the buses. The alleged “vandalism” was cleaned by the bus drivers and Holiday Inn staff before it was seen by the A&M official who tweeted the information.

While incidents such as the ones alleged are inappropriate and strongly condemned by Texas Tech, it is no less wrong to condemn the entirety of our university, students and supporters by posting inaccurate information on the internet for the purpose of sensationalizing the actions of one or a very few. We are disturbed by the careless use of social media to share these inaccuracies.”

Oh, well thanks for clearing that up. You didn’t use spray paint to tattoo obscenities all across a visiting teams bus, you used “washable shoe polish”. You didn’t cover the interior with manure, you used “fish bait”. SO much classier and completely understandable. I’d question what moron is responsible for crafting this statement and sending it to everyone including ESPN but hey…it’s Tech.

And for the record, no it’s not as wrong to question the general sanity of your organization. It’s been par for the course ever since your students made throwing batteries at players, booing opposing injuries, and lobbing a goal post at visiting fans par for the course.

Well done, guys. You just proved to America why Texas Tech Athletics continue to be the state’s biggest joke.

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PHOTO CREDIT: HoustonPress.com