TFLN Cab Confessions

I don’t know about you, but I’m obsessed with TFLN. I’m even more obsessed now that they’ve used their brains and realized they can sub categorize some of these texts and use them in more specific ways. Like the latest collection: Taxi Cab Confessions. Here’s their list of texts submitted from taxis…enjoy :)

(313): Yeaaah, so cabbie laughed at me, and said, “rough nite? Let me find you some music” . apparently OPP is the appropriate ride of shame soundtrack.

(703): I don’t know. I woke up in the back of a cab in a drive thru line at whataburger with police lights flashing and my friend yelling” you didn’t have to sell us out phil!” to the cab driver.

(416): Going to spend my cab money on more shots and just take the ambulance home

(714): there is a strobe light in my taxi. in what way is this safe.

(514): i totally fed the cab driver fruit salad with my hands while he was driving

(281): 3 of us had 22 margaritas. Hellllllo yellow cab. Goodbye morals.

(479): You gave the cab driver your pants as collateral while you ran in the house for money.

(519): I awoke in a cab to find myself on a ride to niagara falls. Apparently I paid the cab driver half up front.

(404): A cab driver remembered me by name, address, and ex f*** buddys nick name from a year ago. I mustve been one memorable s*** show.

(773): our cab driver is having phone sex.