Adele’s Intimacy Problem

Though she sings about her past loves, Adele recently opened up that she’s never been able to say the words “I love you.” It’s interesting to think that such a beautiful singer and writer could strike such a chord with lyrics of love, yet have hidden intimacy problems.


The “Someone Like You” hitmaker  struggles to open up about her feelings in her private life, so she has recently decided to right these past wrongs by writing heartfelt notes to the exes she did have strong feelings for. The covergirl for December’s cosmo says, “”It’s so hard for me to share my feelings. I’ve actually never told a guy that I loved him. I’ve felt them; I just can’t say them. My friend recently convinced me how important it is for guys to know that.

“I wound up writing letters to all the men I’ve been with, telling them that I did feel that for them. Well, except for the one guy who I wrote and was like, ‘You’re a f—ing c—.'”

HAHAHA. Perfect. What do you think about Adele’s confession? I now like her even more, probably because I am the exact same way. Though it’s not that I have trouble saying it all, I just need a lot of time to develope and express the feeling.

People are too quick these days to say those three little words. Sure there are those couples who start to drop the l-bomb two weeks into their relationship but can it really happen that fast? How soon is too soon?

How long does it take for you to know you love someone? Is the old adage true: when you know, you just know? Or do you sometimes feel pressured to return the sentiment when someone throws it at you.. no matter how quickly it happens?