Biebs to Appear on Maury?

I can already see this playing out magically in my brain: millions of teenie boppers on the edge of their seats waiting for Maury Povich to reveal the results of Justin Bieber’s paternity test.

A spokesperson for “Maury” says they are working on getting Justin to do his big reveal on the show. If you’ve been hiding under some kind of giant pop culture rock, the Biebs is being accused of fathering a child with some 20 year old mental patient (aka Mariah Yeater) when he was 16.

Biebs continues to deny these claims and has said he will take a paternity test, but whether he wishes to do so under the glare of nationally syndicated television is another matter. Former “Maury” executive producer Amy Rosenblum — the woman we have to thank for the ingenious idea of DNA reveals — thinks that it will only boost the credibility of Bieber’s denials. Bet you never thought you’d see the word credible and Maury in the same sentence. Mind bomb.


If and only if Maury Povich is the one to tell Justin he is not the father.. everyone will finally believe it.

..though honestly, I feel the Biebs lacks the ability to perform the appropriate “you are not the father” dance.


In other news, Justin is selling his snake.. how appropriate.