Concert Accountability

So Rihanna was an hour and 5 minutes late to her show in London last night.. on the heels of being 90 minutes late for a show in Belfast just the week before.

This guy’s really angry about it, but he makes an interesting point.

When you go to a concert, you are assuming the event is going to start on- or very close to- the time advertised. Many people rely on this when trying to organize a night out, especialy when thinking of things like babysitters or public transportation.

So what happens when a performer takes the stage an hour, two hours late? You spend the whole event feeling jipped because you know you are going to have to leave early. And even though it was totally out of your control, you don’t recieve any refund or compensation for throwing money at a diva like Rihanna. If you’re unhappy who can you even go to? Who is to be held responsible for concert accountability – the ticket venue? promoters? record labels? artists?

If you think of this in terms of services rendered, when you buy a concert ticket or a movie ticket, you are entering into a contract where you pay and are provided a service. Is it then reasonable to suggest if the show is awful or starts hours late that you haven’t been provided with said service?

Just how late can a performer be – two hours, three? – before they will cough up a refund?

Obviously ticketing venues can’t control the likeability of a show; they’d have millions of people saying they didn’t like it JUST to get money back. But perhaps they could do something to ensure that the star takes the stage within a certain time frame, barring serious injury or catastrophe. Maybe the star could be fined circa the Wembley/Madonna show where she was forced to cough up cash for being just 40 minutes late. Of course no one in the audience reeped the benefits of the fine, but it might be the reason she showed up when she didn’t and didn’t put it off even later.

Like I said, it’s an interesting thing to consider..

Have you ever been to a concert where the act showed up late? Did it ruin it for you or were you still able to enjoy yourself? What do you think about concert refunds in these situations?