Diva Alert: Nicki Minaj

Here’s the real question.. when she’s serving you a verbal lashing.. do you think it’s all lyrical and poetic cursing or just your run of the mill sailor variety?

However she dished it, Nicki Minaj has officially been branded a “temperamental diva” following an alleged outburst against her beautician, Dawn DaLuise after having her eyebrows and lip waxed. Which seems almost puzzling as I was 99% sure she drew them on.

But after doling out a severe verbal lashing, Nicki is claimed to have thrown money at the celebrity facialist before storming out of her Dawn DaLuise Skin Refinery clinic in L.A.

‘Who the f#@k do you think you are? Look what you did to my @*mn face! You think this s$%t is worth $170?’ Some of the gems Minaj screamed at DaLuise.. so I guess that’s a no to well thought out angry freestyling.

These claims come weeks after police were called to Minaj’s house following an argument with her maid.

Supposedly, Minaj dismissed one of her workers who showed up two weeks later and snapped a photo of her taking out the trash. Nicki reportedly mistook a current employee for the woman with the pic which led to an altercation.

After the current maid refused to leave, she is said to have told Minaj that she would not be “treated like an animal” while the 28-year-old star replied “I’ll show you how to treat someone like an animal … get the f**k out of my house!”

Minaj’s “boyfriend” – thought to be her assistant Safaree Samuels – then reportedly pushed the woman before police were called by her boss.

A battery report was also filed although no arrests were made at the scene..

Unbelievable right? Who knew Nicki takes out her own trash.

.. just try and tell me those aren’t drawn on!


Honestly, I don’t find this at all surprising. She’s a self proclaimed “Barbie Doll” for crying out loud.

Did you see this coming too?