Emergency Messages That Would Have Been Cooler..

You’ve been hearing the ominous commercial about the big nation wide test on November 9, 2011 at 1 pm and how everyone just HAD to clarify that it was only a test.

Most people assumed this meant the message was going to include some sort of doomsday cry comparable to “War of the Worlds.” We even considered an office pot to determine which type of crisis would be hypothetically recorded then broadcast.

1:00 pm rolls around: and NOTHING. There weren’t even words. Just the annoying standard beeping tones you hear on a boring non-hyped EAS test.

So, I’ve decided to create this thread for you to post the emergency message topic that would have been cooler than the one we heard. Any disaster *even imaginary* will work.

Mine? A message about the impending zombie threat. You know it’s coming..

Submit yours here, on our facebook page, or email ‘em to me.

The threat is real.

And, can I just add, if that had been a national emergency.. we’d all be @#$%ed.