Get Your Drinkify On

Drunkards and music lovers unite!

This might be the coolest website I have seen in a long time. Whether you’re having a little party or just relaxing after a stressful test or work day, Drinkify is the new place to check out.

All you do is plug in what you’re listening to or what you wish you were listening to, and Drinkify responds with a choice of alcohol to pair perfectly with your musical selection. Got Rihanna on your stereo? Drinkify suggests a cocktail of red bull, tobasco, and lemon sour. In the mood for Pearl Jam? Pop open a can of PBR. Listening to Adele? Try her specialty drink of vodka, coconut milk, and honey. And if you’re cranking Michael Buble.. run yourself a bubble bath and grab a bottle of your favorite merlot.

The list goes on and on! As I type this I’ve searched for artists from Snoop Dogg to the Spice Girls. And let me tell you, they are prepared for whatever is on your playlist. I could do this for hours. (Oh and yes, Beethoven is on there too)

Give it a try and let me know what you think!