Justin Bieber’s Bungle Bells

Justin Bieber forgot the lyrics to Santa Claus is coming to Town while singing live on yesterday’s today show. The holiday ditty – given a rap style treatment by the biebs is on his new Christmas CD.. so you think he’d get it right, but no. He messed up the classic song. At least he proved he was singing live after the 2010 VMA lip-syncing scandal.

He used the song to close out his Today show appearance, surrounded by hundreds of screaming, adoring fans who’d camped out all night in the rain to see their idol.

But he blanked several times on the words, repeating the line, “He’s making a list” instead of the correct lines “He sees you when you’re sleeping” and “You’d better watch out.”

At least his jumper was colorful enough to detract some attention away from the blunder.