Mario is Pro Fur

Ever wondered where Mario gets his cool suits that make him fly?

From Tanukis, obviously, some kind of real animal/raccoon dog.

Because Peta doesn’t have anything better to do, they’ve decided to attack arguably one of the greatest video games of our lifetime on the heels of a new game release: super mario 3d land. Because nothing says credibility like launching a PR stunt attack against an imaginary character. That’ll teach you, you fur wearers.

Maybe if Mario had looked like this originally, Bowser would’ve stopped mackin’ on his girlfriend.


They even made a flash game about it, which as you can imagaine a Peta video game to be.. is really not all that fun. You run around as the body of one of those little beasts and try to catch Mario who is wearing your bloodied fur. Gone are the happy Mario backgrounds you’ve grown to love.. instead we have a boring world splattered with more blood. It’s like a Rob Zombie movie (if Rob Zombie movies were awful and pointless). And might I point out you don’t have any kind of weapon to shoot, all you do is jump. It’s the worst pursuit ever.

I didn’t want to link to their page but it’s so funny you have to see this.

Also, I would just like to point out there is no campaign against Mario’s frog suit. Peta clearly doesn’t care about the massacring of tiny amphibians. It’s sad really.

I have played the game a few times now this morning, and I want to let you know I have definitely killed the Tanooki more times than Mario has. Take that PETA!

Happy gaming.