OH MY GOD!!!!! Alaskan Drink Contains a HUMAN TOE…Univ of Texas Fan DRINKS IT!!!!

Horn fans/alums, I’m sorry but when someone emails me a video of a Univ. of Texas fan NEARLY EATING A MUMMIFIED HUMAN TOE I’m almost required by law to post it. First some backstory:

Only in Alaska would someone create a beverage known as a “Sour Toe”. It’s a shot with a human toe inside it. Only rule, the toe must touch your lips. Apparently if you consume the toe, you must donate one of your own to replace it.

And yes, they do accept donor toes on a regular basis from around the state.

And while only in Alaska would this be a thing…you can count on A TEXAN (or at least a t-shirt Texan) to give it a try. Couldn’t you have worn a Tech or Baylor shirt for this stunt?? UGH!!!