Relationship Red Flag

Don’t get too excited if your significant other starts losing weight.. it’s probably not for you.

According to a new study when people in steady relationships start to actively work out or diet to fight flab, it’s because they are preparing to drop their other half.

Sociologists claim there’s no pressure to look attractive if you’ve already snagged your better half.. and as such you apparently start to let yourself go and feel less inclined to worry about things like expanding waistlines.

So if your boyfriend or girlfriend starts to develop an insane obsession with the gym or dieting, be afraid. It’s most likely in preparation to join a competitive dating market where people like to look as thin and attractive as possible.

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What do you think about this? I’ve known people do this very thing.. but then I also know people who lose weight for themselvesĀ to be healthier. And then what about the couples that lose weight together?