Rihanna Stirs Up Trouble

Rihanna may not have been on hand at the American Music Awards last night to accept her nod in person, but that didn’t the pop diva from making headlines. RiRi is facing criticism in both England and France thanks to a couple of recent daring choices.

Remember when she offended people by wear the necklace with the word c&^* on it?

Well, on Sunday, Rihanna appeared on the U.K. version of “The X Factor” wearing a plaid pinafore dress and “clunky punk shoes” with writing — including the words “F*** Off” — written on them. The show, according to the Daily Telegraph, received viewer complaints.

But, a show rep tells the newspaper: “There were no close up shots of Rihanna’s shoes. We believe the performance was suitable.”

Meanwhile, across the English channel, France has banned Ri’s “We Found Love” video from being played before 10 p.m. Officials at the ominoously-named Supreme Audiovisual Council have deemed it inappropriate — thanks to drug use, sexual content and depictions of domestic violence.

Is it time for Rihanna to tone it down? Or are people just too sensitive these days?