Should Penn State Have Fired Joe Paterno?

Joe Paterno is maybe the greatest college football coach in history. His right hand man and the guy many thought would replace him when he retired is named Jerry Sandusky. Sandusky ALLEGEDLY molested a great deal of children and is now facing 40 felony counts. One of those incidents took place in 2002 in the Penn State locker room shower. Sandusky was witnessed abusing a 10 year old boy by a student assistant who instead of stepping in, turned his back and the next day reported the incident to Paterno. Paterno told his bosses but besides that did nothing to intercede. Admittedly he never even spoke to Sandusky about the incident. Sandusky left the program but was still around and even kept an office on campus as recent as last week. In the almost ten years he abused even more children until he was caught this year. Neither Paterno nor anyone else from Penn State ever brought this to the attention of the law. Paterno was called in front of a grand jury when the abuse started to become known where he attested to being made aware of the 2002 incident but “wasn’t told the exact specifics” (although he still knew enough to report Sandusky to HIS boss). If you want more details, they’re all available on

Paterno announced he would step down at the end of the year, but the board said otherwise and fired him immediately. In my opinion…good. However the audience was VERY split on the issue. Here’s the segment from the show.

Here are your text comments that we got this morning:

I’m sorry frito but cnn said joe called the cops and told his superiors. DA chose not to press charges. What more could he have done

Although Joe Pa made a bad decision….he’s accomplished way more in his life than you ever will.

I agree with u friddo it is a horrible story Joe deserved to get fired

Frito your a bitch fool, joe paterno is one of the best college coaches in history. He did what most would of have done. If he told police and we was wrong he could of been sued

Yeah I love how you guys are all down to jump all over joe pa, but you have not said ONE THING about the guy that actually did it! Joe pa did what he thoped for years for the amount of respect he paid people and the impact he had on his players lives and the lives of kids at that school. I don’t care abouught was appropriate, you do NOT know his side, and can not make judgements over something that you have no idea about. This is a man who has been worshit wins. I care about character, and you wanna talk about you never making a mistake in your whole life. Don’t condemn him when you aren’t completely clean yourself

I’m disgusted by how many people are defending him. I don’t understand their attempts. Let them have children. Their tone will change! Glad to see you sticking to your guns Frito!

The people supporting that loser must not Kids or if they do they don’t love them. Sick sick sick *Life is Good*

A million championships wouldn’t erase child abuse.

If you tell the police and your wrong you look like a dumbass. The athletic director should have done more

It’s terribly sad that so many people place a higher importance on a football coach’s career than on the safety and well-being of a child’s life. Those children’s lives are ruined forever. Any adult that chooses to cover his own ass and turn a blind eye basically on abuse of a child is a sorry excuse for a person. It’s a game people. Like Frito said… get some perspective, people.

As a survivor of assault, I find it particularly disgusting that someone could know that was happening to a child and go nothing to stop it. All of this protesting and media coverage of this is only going to make it harder for other victims to come forward so these awful people can be punished. Not reporting it makes him just as guilty ad the man who did it. Thank you frito and ally for supporting the true victims in this.

Frito, I love you! Lol I love where you stand. I don’t give a damn if he is a coaching legend.

What would he have done if it was his son?

Frito you keep saying if you see a kid getting abused… Did he he see it? Physically with his eyes? Just curious

JoePa did NOT have 1st hand knowledge. He was told from a grad student about what he saw. He told his boss and u.p. JoePa had no first hand evidence that warranted him.going to the cops himself. If anything he should have made sure that shit got taken care if but he’s not the scum bag here.

Okay I’m not backing joe paterno but what’s the point inhavin supervisors if you’re just gonna go over them and do their job. There is a reason on those videos that they show you when you hire on to report to your supervisors. So if something happened at your office illegally, you would just call the copsinstead of telling big daddy downs. Then you’re gonna bring a shit storm on you because the lawyers didn’t get involved first. Next time something happens in your office you should call the cops. Then see how much longer you have a job. And have a credibility at another job..

I have to say something. That one person who claimed that Joe Paterno has done more with his life than you and that he’s a legend and whatever else they said pissed me off. What has Joe Paterno done besides win football games and earn colleges a shit ton of money? It’s a F***ing sports game. He has ruined children’s LIVES bc he didnt get off his ass an do something about it. Something he could have done with the snap of his fingers. That person was full of shit and they need to check their priorities. What’s more important football games or a child’s innocence and life?!

Your a idiot for disrespecting joe p, he is class act for his past. Its a shame his rep is shot. He still is a class act regardless of a assistant coach of his. His accomplishments and donations to the university are worth respecting

I agree w Frito. Seriously?? When is child abuse ok?? Oh I guess when you do other good things and give away your money over guilt. Hell to the no, preying on the weak is never right.

I’m with you on the Joe thing. Doesn’t matter how many GOOD things he did! How can that make up for not saying anything abut young kids getting moleste?? Seems to me he just tried to pass the buck! *~Terry~*

So there’s a riot because a coach is fired and not over a 10 yr old being molested? God save us all.