Stars With No Talent

Fox News created a list of stars with no talent.. though it probably would have been easier to list the few with talent.

 Here are the top contenders brought to you by reality tv, Ryan Seacrest, and rich dads.


1. Kardashians:

-The only thing they’re good at is staying in the spotlight.

2. Paris Hilton:

– The only thing more painful than her reality shows.. is her acting. Watching a pole go through her skull in “House of Wax” was oddly rewarding..

3. Jon Gosselin

Nice outfit broseph.
-Famous for having more kids than he should probably be allowed. Brad Pitt has almost as many but at least he gave us “Fight Club” and “Inglorious Basterds.”

4. Kelly Bensimon:

– Got her name out there after joining the cast of the “Real Housewives of New York” in season 2 (arguably the most useless season) If that credential isn’t bad enough, technically she didn’t even qualify for the show- she’s been divorced since ’07.

5. Spencer Pratt and his blow up doll (aka Heidi Montag):

-.. get a job.

6. Kendra Wilkinson:

– For the record, I like Kendra. But she went from stripping, to shacking up with Hef, and as the reality fairytale evolves, now has her own reality show. (naturally)

7. Richard Hatch:

NOTE: I opted for a picture of Rudy because he is awesome and Richard is scary.
– Will forever remain the naked guy who beat the best survivor member EVER – Rudy – back in the first season in ’00. Now he’s a criminal. Cool.

8. Audrina Patridge:

– Gets paid to party and hock products.. badly.

9. Kim Zolciak:

– Tried to start a music career. LOLZZ

10. Jersey Shore Cast:

– If you’ve seen the show, you already know.

11. Nicole Richie:

- You’ll notice she’s always in the tabloids.. but never for anything impressive.

so in keeping with that sentiment, she won’t be pictured here.

12. Brooke Hogan:

– Tried to parlay her dad’s fame into a failed music career. I’m patiently awaiting the Brooke Hogan/Kim Zolciak tour.

Any stars you’d add to this list?

Personally I’d say Keanu Reeves.. but really the options are endless!