The Oscars Need a Host!

Brett Ratner was let go as co-producer of the upcoming Oscars, and Eddie Murphy did us all a favor and said he wasn’t going to host.  Not that Eddie wasn’t funny and relevant in1983, but come on, Daddy Day Care and Pluto Nash didn’t exactly draw millions of fans.

Earlier I read an article by David Germain about how Hollywood should “draft” Billy Crystal or the Muppets to host this year’s Oscar Awards and I 100% AGREE!!! But Why settle for one, when it will be way more entertaining to do both.  Stick with me here.

Bring back the concept of the Old School Muppet Show from the late 70s early 80s.  Live actor Billy  Crystal is the Ringleader and Host, and then we turn the Oscar awards into the Muppet show of old.  The old dudes in the balcony seats making snarky comments.  Miss Piggy Presenting the Award for Best Actor alongside Natalie Portman.  Kermit and George Clooney presenting the Award for Best Actress, Fozzy Bear and Adam Sandler giving out the Award for Best Comedy, Hell! I would let the Swedish Chef present the Award for Best Foreign Film…Whatever You Like? This is a NO BRAINER, and the SHOW BASICALLY WRITES ITSELF!

With a new Muppet Film hitting Theaters November 23rd, Oscar Veteran Host Billy Crystal, and then you add in all the great Celebrity Cameos like: William Shatner for an episode of Pigs In Space and the Veterinary Hospital featuring Neil Patrick Harris as Dr “Doggy” Howser.  WINNING!!!  Not to mention all the great musical numbers, Sir Elton John playing piano and doing a duet of Rainbow Connection with Kermit, Bein’ Green by Anderw Green, and then letting the Muppet Orchestra Play the songs for the Best Song/Score nominees.

To the Oscar Awards Producers, Directors, Writers, Production Assistants and everyone:  Look at your target demographics for this show, and look how you’ve sucked in ratings over the past decade.  The Muppets bring you the Gen-Xers like me who grew up watching them, as well as the younger kids.  Billy Crystal still appeals to the Boomers and Seasoned Citizens.  And as long as you Tweet it, Facebook it and Webcast the nominees and winners! the Millenials will at least follow it.  WAKE UP!!!! Hire Billy Crystal, do an HOMAGE to Jim Henson and score big this year…or you could just hire a couple of young actors, who aren’t used to being on stage in front of a live audience, to muddle their way through another snoozefest Oscar Ceremony!

That’s just my opinion, but YOU KNOW I’M RIGHT!!!

-Adam Knight



Draft Billy? Draft Kermit? Oscars have job opening :by AP Writer David Germain

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