12 High School Classmates You’ll Run Into Over the Break

When putting together this post, I couldn’t help but think of people from my high school to fit this list.

Merry Christmas! It’s the 12 high school classmates you will for sure run into at some point.

Most Likely to Succeed .. Now Degenerate.
Sure his goals are out the window, but I bet he’s more fun to party with now!

The character from Young Adult.

Nerd to Black Ops.
He could kill you in 150 different ways in a matter of minutes, and he remembers everything. Buy him lots of beer.

The Late Bloomer.
It’s too late, you blew it. Move on.

Nerd Turned Billionaire.
You should have been nicer to this guy in high school. Buy him beer.

Reformed Hoe.
Her status updates take up your newsfeed and usually invovle religion. Bonus- she’ll be sending the CHRISTmas mass text.

Still the same creep that no amount of college can fix.

Knocked Up and Wifed Up.
There will probably be many of these.

The Hot Mess.
Just as skanky but not as attractive as you remember.

Jock turned Cop.
From the hallways to the highways, dude’s still a jerk.

What Happened?
The Freshman 15 turned Freshman 50.

Ever seen Glee?
I’m still waiting for my “I called that.”

Thanks for the ideas COED.

Who do you most not want to see from high school?