AUDIO: Controversially Hilarious Holiday Gun Commercial

A gun shop in California had a fantastic marketing idea this holiday season by running radio spots which sound more like they’d be about puppies than AK 47’s.

Not surprisingly, the ad has stirred controversy, with some anti-gun activists objecting to the ad’s supposedly misleading nature. But I’d argue that what the ad states is true: Guns are designed as much for defensive protection as for offensive harm. But despite all this, PRK Arms has seen an increase in sales.. especially with women.

Obviously, the potential for mishap exists, and gun safety should always be the first priority of a gun owner. But that doesn’t mean guns have no place on a holiday shopping list. The “peace of mind” that comes from a security system — whether a motion-triggered alarm or a well-stocked gun cabinet — is surely a welcome present.

Mistreated (mp3)

What do you think of the ad?