Beyonce’s Fake Bump: The Conspiracy Continues.

This has to be the strangest pregnancy EVER.

I read yesterday that Beyonce had accompanied her husband, Jay-Z, to his tour stop in Vancouver. I didn’t think much of it, not even sure if the story was true – turns out, it is. There were even photos of a very full-bodied-looking Beyonce backstage at the concert. So, it happened. And I started to wonder… is it weird that Bey flew to Vancouver at this late stage of her pregnancy? On September 23, she said she was six months pregnant. Which means that three months later, she’s coming up on full-term, correct? And she’s repeatedly said she’s “due” in January, meaning she’ll be “giving birth” within the next month, probably.

Considering I’ve never been pregnant, I asked what the general rule is for flying while in your third trimester, and I got mixed responses – various doctors say different things, but it definitely seems like Bey is cutting it very close. That is, she’s cutting it close if she’s really pregnant.

And how is she not showing anywhere else? WHAT IS GOING ON?!