How to Avoid Contacting Your Ex this Holiday

There’s just something about the holidays that makes you think being single is the worst thing on the planet. Not having a guy or gal in tow when shopping or visiting the family can make you feel as appealing as an unwanted lump of coal.

You could even love the fact that you’re flying solo the 11 other months of the year, but once the holiday season starts, this gets tricky. Maybe we can blame all those lousy jewelry commercials or the Hallmark channel for making you think this is a great opportunity to contact that ex you know you shouldn’t.

And how easy is that these days? You can send a “mass text” on Christmas wishing him/her well (when really all you’re doing is sending him a message to see how and if he will respond) or you can contact someone virtually painlessly via Facebook.

I don’t care how much of grandma’s eggnog you’ve consumed, stay strong and don’t let this happen to you! Nowhere in the rules of the season does it say that you should extend kindness and good will to some not-good-for-you #$*%. The holidays are NOT a valid excuse for fraternizing with the ghosts of relationships past, no matter how charming. In fact, making contact and even following through will probably only make you feel worse.. especially once the holiday haze has lifted. How do I know? I’ve been there a dozen and one times.

But mark my words, come January all you’ll be left with is lingering shame.. and there’s no gift receipt for that.

1. Erase all ex numbers from you phone and stay off Facebook. It’s like keeping ice cream out of your fridge if you’re on a diet. , Protect yourself by ex-proofing all electronic devices.. especially erasing all “high risk” phone numbers. Or just avoid your phone altogether. The holidays are a time for family not a time to give in to your random bouts of nostalgia. If you’re surrounded by friends and family, there’s no reason to have your phone surgically attached to your hand throughout the festivities.

2. Exercise. Not only does this keep your mind occupied and ward off any unwanted holiday poundage, but seriously, how hard is it to text on a treadmill? Plus you’ll be making yourself look and feel great for New Years when you can snag yourself a new guy/gal.

3. Emotionally eat and drink (a little). Don’t eat the whole pie or drink the whole bottle, but a little indulgence will make you feel merry, not to mention that sugar rush. It’s a time to celebrate, not starve yourself.

4. Buy yourself something. Something you want and don’t need. No matter how strapped you are for cash this time of year, it’s not selfish to get yourself something too. Think of it as the money you would be spending on that @(!&, going to better use.

5. Make plans and backup plans, and backups to the backup plans. Boredom leads to bad decisions. Make sure you know who is around over the holidays to deck the halls with and who is available to emergency phone calls should you find your resolve caving at 2 am after watching “The Holiday.”

What are your plans for avoiding the dreaded ex? Share ‘em in the comments.