Let’s Talk About Negging

Here’s a pick up technique that I find appalling yet intriguing.

At first, I thought it was a joke that one of my favorite shows “The League” brilliantly cooked up. Andre takes Pete to the bar after he breaks up with Meegan and tells him that this is the new way to score chicks and to demonstrate it, yells something awful to a girl that’s walking by.

SPOILER ALERT: It doesn’t work. Andre’s wardrobe and bald spot aside, no girl will go for a guy who insults her.. right?

Apparently this is not a sitcom joke. PUA’s actually tell men that this works. The theory is that if a woman is attractive and constantly hit on, she’ll be fascinated by a man who can twist a compliment. A good neg is never downright insulting it’s just something like, “I like your hair – is it natural?” or “most people find gapped teeth a turn-off, but I think it suits you.” The woman sits there and thinks, wait a second, that was pretty much an insult, which (if the woman doesn’t *@&! slap the (@*!& outta the guy) should then theoretically spark up a conversation that the experienced negger will turn into a positive one.. or something.

Thinking back on this, I think I might have fallen victim to the neg. I went out with this real gem who told me he didn’t like my red hair, told me I should get a tan because he didn’t like that I was pale, and he didn’t like the fact that I didn’t have fake manicured nails.. you want to know what I told him? I don’t like YOU and promptly walked out.

Maybe he negged too aggressively? And instead of trying to backwards compliment me with an insult.. he went straight to insult? It was so frustrating because why in the world would you ask out a girl who embodies all the traits you do not like in a woman? All I know is I was not going to sit there and listen to this guy continue to harp on me, then expect me to go out with him again. That doesn’t even begin to make sense!

I’m going to go with the idea that perhaps this technique is plausible for women with low self esteem. Maybe if a girl feels she is not regularly hit on, then she will overlook the chauvinistic cockiness that negging entails. Other than that if you have to start insulting a girl to like her, I’d say your chances were slim in the first place.

With that in mind, I am willing to bet that if you are a guy and have tried this method a.) you are a @*!( and b.) you go home alone – ALWAYS. But maybe, just maybe, I’m wrong.

Girls- have you ever been negged? What did you think of this approach?
Guys- have you ever tried this? And if so, what was your success rate?