MIA NO MORE: Ke$ha New Song, Same Shenanigans

If you’ve recently been wondering were Ke$ha has been, you’ve come to the right place.

Listen to (LEAKED) new Ke$ha song: “Only Wanna Dance With You”

And if that isn’t great enough, she had Britney Spears explaining to her two little boys Jayden and Sean Preston on Friday what the f word means after this special birthday tweet:

“happpyyy birthdayyy Brit!!!” wrote Ke$ha , attaching the video message: “Britney, happy f–king birthday.”

Spears wasn’t quite prepared for the profane birthday wish, watching them with her boys, but she wasn’t mad.

“Thanks Miss Kesha. Just watched this in bed w my boys. Now I have to explain what F***ing means!! U rock Xxoo,” she tweeted..


BONUS: Ke$ha has reportedly bought the domain for putyourbeardinmymouth.com. She really does love your beard.

I have been missing this crazy b* in my life!