Sext. Abbrevs.

There’s just something soo naughty about abbreviating sext messages.. it’s like.. I want to say something dirty, but I feel lazy and don’t quite want to type it all out.

So here’s a little list of the abbreviations you should¬†know. Stop me if you’ve heard these before, but I can almost guarantee you haven’t.. EVER.

My favorite is #5.

HAHA. Either I am way behind the times, or this is totally bs..

And, isn’t the point of sexting to turn someone on? I mean sure you want to stimulate the other person’s imagination.. but you don’t want to leave them so in the dark he/she doesn’t even know it’s happening. A random assortment of letters just doesn’t do it for me.. but are there actual sexting abbreviations? Maybe some you and your partner share?


BONUS: the guy in the article above it is named “Cummings.”