The Dating Game

When did things stop being about compatibility and enter the realm of some messed up xbox game with clearly defined winners and losers? Why does everything have to be a game these days?

Last night I had a female friend call me to say she went on a great date. The guy had asked her and all was well with the world, until she asked him out the next day and he said he was busy. Now she’s theorizing that if he asks her out next, she’ll have to be busy because “she doesn’t want to look too available.”

I told her that was @#$%! If she wants to go out with the guy, GO OUT WITH HIM. Stop analyzing every text message, every voicemail, and just do what you want. If you have better plans, DON’T GO OUT WITH HIM. Pretty easy right?


She told me that this is why I’m still single.. I say what’s on my mind and if I want to do something, I’ll do it. Which apparently is not allowed in the dating world, as I have to make the guy chase me or something. This is also something my mom tells me quite frequently.

(Fun fact: Kate Middleton chased Prince William. BAM.)

So why I ask, WHY?

Why do we sit at home on Friday nights and wait by the phone hoping someone will call, when we are totally capable of calling him ourselves? Now, side note, I am very old fashioned.. so if a guy hasn’t started pursuing me, I won’t be the one to make the very FIRST move. But after you’ve already been out a few times, why is it that we put all of our faith in the Y chromosome?

I say we take things into our own hands, if you find out he’s no longer interested in the pursuit, guess what? Congratulations for no longer wasting your time on a loser who probably wouldn’t have been able to handle you anyway.

Something has got to give.. or am I totally wrong about this?