The Scariest Letter to Santa EVER

Hey big guy, bring me the real Justin Bieber or I’ll kill you and your little deer too. That’s right, here’s the most terrifying letter the North Pole has ever received.

Why yes, it does say she wants to kill Santa and cook his reindeer if he doesn’t meet her lavish demands. I’d say not only does that score her life on the naughty list, but an extended stay on some terrorist watch list as well.

“Remember, two of these or you die.”

HAHAHA then she signs it xoxo.

And in case you were wondering about the little bundle of sunshine who crafted this beauty, here’s Mekeeda Austin:

To be fair, she looks like she could kick my @#$. I’d get her the blackberry.

What do you think of kids demands these days for the holiday season?

..remember when kids loved Santa and wanted “Tickle Me Elmos?” .. WTF happened?!