This is Going to Be Awkward

Great website.. or GREATEST website? Some NSFW

In the world of e-greetings, there aren’t many websites that let you be as honest as you want — not to mention as anonymous as you want. One site, This Is Going To Be Awkward, gets it.

Similar to Someecards, this site offeres funny e-cards for friends, family and co-workers, but you can send them without the recipient knowing it came from you.

Got a bone to pick? A crush you need to alert? A problem with a co-worker’s odor? Now you can let them know in the most awkward way possible.

Check out the full list of cards here.


I’m still waiting for the card that reads:

“I’d enjoy watching you get hit by a bus.”

(I can think of a few guys I’d like to sendĀ those fuzzy feelingsĀ to.)


What do you think of the cards? Any saying you’d want to see added/send anonymously?