Group Dates

I don’t care how cute you are or how attracted to you I might be. If you bring up the idea of a group date on the first date, thanks for playing try again later.

What is it with guys these days wanting to bring their boys on dates? The first date is reserved for the two of you.

You’re going out with a guy you don’t know, so why accept the added pressure of 10 other guys you do not know? You are trying to establish a connection with one person – which is difficult to do when trying to entertain 20.

Recently I dated two different guys who believed in this group date philosophy. One basically hinted he wanted to bring out his pals to find out how I would act in a social environment (or something) and the other sheepishly told me he wanted his friends as a security net because he has a hard time opening up to new people.

Both of these situations made me mad. Guy 1 was attempting to test me and guy 2 was afraid of me. I may be borderline relationship handicapped, but to me these don’t exactly spell out longterm relationships.

And I know it’s just not me who is encountering these spineless males- my sister just fell victim to one of these awful dates the other day. Her solo date was hijacked by a large formal gathering. And to what end? Awkwardness. Sheer awkwardness. She won’t be going out with him again.

Group dates are like a flashback to the 6th grade… when making a move was grabbing someone’s hand in the cafeteria. So, natrually whenever this group idea is posed to me, I can’t help but think to myself, “What time will your mom be picking me up?” Because it’s just that childish.

If you are incapable of making small talk with a girl for a short period of time, you probably shouldn’t be dating. (and should move out of your parent’s basement).

Bottom line for me: If I wanted to date your friends, I would. If you want to date me, grow a pair.