Hot Babes We Should Know About (1/13 – 1/19)

In 2011 I introduced an amazing game called “Hot Babes We Should Know About.”  Each week two lesser known babes would compete to continue on in the ultimate fanboy tournament.  Thousands of people hit the polls throughout the twelve week duration, and it was an absolute success.  I am proud to announce that I’m implementing the newest hot babe game for 2012.  While it carries the same name, the rules are a bit different.  Two beautiful ladies will compete each week, and the winner will return for the next.  The winning babe can go on for as long as the fanboys allow her.  Now enough of the talk, lets get on with it!

Last season Ingrid Vandebosch swept the competition with a fury.  Ingrid unanimously won every round she was featured in, on route to the crown.  She now returns versus a new opponent to see if anyone can dethrone this beauty.

Ingrid Vandebosch – Champion

This Belgian queen is absolutely stunning.  I always have a little thing for the Euro-chicks.  Ingrid has been featured in various magazines such as ELLLE, Marie Claire, Vogue, and Glamour.  Ingrid’s modeling career has been successful over seas, yes.  But her real claim to fame over in the US is who she is married to.  Yes Ingrid is off the radar for us, and is married to NASCAR Sprint Cup driver Jeff Gordon.  This 40 year old babe posts an amazing slim sleek body, beautiful wavy hair, and an exotic look to die for!

Kirsty Gallacher – Challenger

Wow, wow, wooooooow.  If there is one girl that could bring Ingrid down, this could be the one!  Kirsty Gallacher is a beautiful European television presenter.  Some of the notable shows she has hosted are, 90 Minutes, Soccer Extra, Kirsty and Phi, and Only Fools on Horses.  She currently is doing on air work for Sky Sports News.  In addition Kirsty won the third season of Channel 4’s The Games in 2005.  Kirsty’s beautiful eyes, calm demeanor, and unique fashion style will impress just about anyone.  I just wish she was on my television set… come to America Kirsty!

It’s pretty simple, Ingrid or Kirsty?  I’ll be back next week with the winner, and the next competitor!

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