Ke$ha Documentary Scam

Pop star Ke$ha has warned fans not to purchase a new documentary about her life, branding the unauthorized DVD “not legit”.

The TiK ToK hit-maker has taken to her page to tell followers to avoid buying Kesha: Her Life, Her Story, which is currently being sold on for $13.49.

It seems to be selling well, when I check there were only 2 copies left.

but she writes, “ANIMALS! don’t waste your hard earned $$ on this. its NOT legit…” (or maybe she’s just mad it’s so cheap.)

The singer then teased plans to release her own official movie, adding, “I have something coming for you all that is legit and funny and weird (sic) and awesome about my crazy beautiful life.”

I’ll bet there’s a lot of glitter and beards.

Would you watch a Ke$ha movie?