Local Restaurant Screams YELP!

Should restaurants be allowed to out non tippers on their social media sites? Check out this story from a small business in Atlanta called Boner’s BBQ.

So Stephanie decides to take her husband to eat here:

They used a coupon and left a bad review on Yelp; afterwards, owner Andrew Capron posted an angry rant on the restaurant’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

Here’s her Yelp review:

Here's her (fairly mild) Yelp review:

Read the rest of it here.

Screenshot of the Boners BBQ post:

Screenshot of the Boners BBQ post (note Capron's responses)

From there, the story blew up all over, going from Reddit to The Huffington PostThe Daily Mail, and social media marketing sites.

Boners apologizes:

Boners apologizes (kind of)

..and once more.

Now here’s my issue.

This is a small business. Yelp reviews like that can seriously cripple and/or destroy a business’s reputation.

Did the owner go too far by posting her picture and name?


But should he have had the right to blast someone via social media who uses a coupon and then STILL doesn’t tip?


And not to mention her YELP review just seems pointless. I mean, okay. You didn’t like it. Why does everyone in the world need access to your opinion? Just don’t eat there again.

It’s not like she found something unsavory in her food or was greeted with rude service.. she just doesn’t enjoy talk radio.

I hardly doubt that this place draws in the sophisticated palettes of those I-phone wielding hipsters who base every meal off of web reviews, but when did the internet become a big complaint box about everything? Honestly, she could have just been mad at the owner for listening to talk radio, maybe it was never even about the food.. but we will never know.. BECAUSE ANYONE WITH A COMPUTER CAN POST REVIEWS ABOUT ANYTHING.

And here’s the bigger problem: If you’ve ever worked in the service industry,  you know how frustrating it is when people don’t tip. And rightfully so as tipping is your key to making money.  As a former server/bartender, I honestly wish I’d had an outlet to call out certain customers myself, maybe a little more diplomatically, but I understand the anger this guy was feeling.

Obviously the people who work at this little barbeque joint are not rolling in the dough, so it’s awful to think that someone could come in, use a coupon, and not even think to tip the server.

People across the nation are blasting this guy for his “poor use of social media.” But to that I say, yes, he went about it the wrong way, but good for him.

Next time I’m in Atlanta, I’m coming by Andrew!