Nickelback wants people to stop picking on them!

Though it may surprise you to learn that there are still individuals on Twitter taking the time to even make fun of Nickleback (didn’t we all agree on this a while ago, Guy Fieri–style?), it turns out that the band — or whoever runs its Twitter account — is very much paying attention. And sometime over the weekend, Nickelback and/or its Ghost Tweeter snapped. When you prick Nickelback, they do bleed! And they will respond to your hate individually with sarcastic reply tweets.

Some examples: “listening to the radio when spice girls came on so I changed the station and it was nickelback…obvi the radio wants me to rip off my ears” Nickelback’s reply: “so did you #missionaccompished.” And in response to “F@$% #nickelback I f@$%ing hate them. I hope the all die”: “We’re Immortals, sent here to torment you. Seems to be working. Cool. By the way, nice grammar fail. Next time, spell check first.” Ohhh s#@%, Nickelback is making grammar calls! Watch out!