NOT KIDDING: Jay-Z & Beyonce’s baby has ALREADY RELEASED A SONG!!!

Guys, I know this sounds like the set up to a really cheesy parody song but it isn’t. Even though I’m pretty sure Jay-Z hasn’t had time to change one of Blue Ivy’s diapers yet, he’s already WROTE, RECORDED, PRODUCED, AND MASTERED a song about her. First off, it’s REALLY sweet. But here’s the cool part: BLUE IVY IS IN THE SONG!! Near the end you’ll hear her making baby noises. That means at one/two days old SHE’S ALREADY BEEN FEATURED ON A TRACK. How’s that taste Will Smith?

Song is titled “Glory” ft/ B.I.C. (Yep. That’s her rap name. Yes, Blue has a rap name. DAMN, that’s awesome!!!)

For real, it’s really a touching song. Beyond all that though, Jay reveals that he and Beyonce suffered a miscarraige prior to this pregnancy. Full version is below: