Out of Dating Tips?

Bad advice, typically dating advice, is everywhere. From humoring Patti’s crazy ideas on the Millionaire Matchmaker to painfully watching the cast of Jersey Shore try and bring home anything with a pulse, nothing surprises us anymore.

Until now.

Enjoy this blast from the past with dating advice circa 1938.

(I think it’s safe to say that avoiding misogyny was not a top priority here.)

Funny story, I actually don’t like when people see me reapplying my makeup. I always try and do that when no one is looking.
Hmmm, this explains why I’m still single both in 1938 and now.

Especially don’t talk about clothes if you’re wearing a knitted sweater. How awful would that conversation be?

I feel your pain guy, keep smoking that cig.


So THAT’S what I’ve been doing wrong! Ladies, clearly we should only talk about what the boring man with bad hair is interested in and obviously, the men are never in the wrong.

But why is drinking frowned upon? In this date it seems to be the only reason the girl is still at the table..


Nothing like saying to hell with the rules – 1938 style.


I’m actually happy for the little lush. Clearly it’s demanding and time consuming doting on your date and hanging on his every boring word. Girl needs a nap after that epic fail.

All in all, I’d nothing has changed.

If men were still gentlemen, women would act like ladies.