Top 15 Cities With the Worst Herpes Rates

Are you from Tennessee? ‘Cause you’re the only 10 I see ..then get the hell away from me.

The Center for Disease Control released the names of the top 15 cities – with the WORST rates of the herp. According to the CDC, the top 5 cities have as high as a 40% infection rate for sexually active young people.

15. Norfolk
14. Birmingham
13. Detroit
12. Memphis
11. Nashville
10. Oklahoma City
9. Richmond
8. Baltimore
7. New Orleans
6. St. Louis
5. Newark
4. Milwaukee
3. Chicago
2. Washington, D.C.

And the dirtiest of them all:

1. Atlanta

Kudos Texans for playing it safe and not cracking the list.

Remember guys, herpes is forever.