Aberdeen was Robbed!

Old and busted: Super bowl. New hotness: THE PUPPY BOWL.

Since it was obvious I didn’t care about the Super bowl, here’s what happened on Animal Planet at the same time. Honestly some of the plays were equally sloppy and the pups seemed to be able to hang on to the ball (or at times ball equivalent) better than every offensive member of the Patriots- combined.

Aberdeen, the Australian Shepard Mix who was the breakout star of Puppy Bowl VIII and was robbed of Most Valuable Puppy! If you watched hours of the Puppy Bowl with your head hanging upside down over the sofa with a Tostito in your mouth, like I did, then you know that Aberdeen was the bright shining star of the Puppy Bowl and deserves the MVP trophy chew toy. Aberdeen scored at least four touchdowns and made the play of the game (see below) by running down the entire field without stopping to hump the defense, pee on the wall or lick himself.

But a serious crime against PUPMANITY!!! was committed when MVP went to 9-week-old Fumble, a chihuahua mix who probably scored only two points and spent most of the game taking a nap. There’s no napping in pupball. Aberdeen knows what I’m talking about.

You know, the ref (I don’t trust that guy) and Fumble were like this during the whole game, so something in the milk was RIGGED. Somebody needs to open up an investigation into this.

See for yourself friends.