Best. Valentines. Ever.

If you haven’t already noticed with the lovey dovey propaganda popping up at pharmacies or the Hallmark commercials taking over entire networks, Valentine’s Day is coming up. But instead of dreading the day, why not see it as a challenge?

Sure it’s a drag, but let me give you a little insider female info: If she says she doesn’t want to celebrate Valentines Day- she’s lying. I know because I say this. I’ve never had a decent Valentines, so even though I tell someone I don’t want them to go through all the trouble, I really do. And no, I’m not usually the girl to say one thing and mean another, I just know that if I were to not receieve anything, I’d probably be mad. And no one likes an angry ginger.

Your girl wants to be surprised, and this is your big chance to do it.

So guys, it’s time to make her friends jealous and to move beyond your usual halfhearted purchase of a box of chocolates from CVS. I’m talking give her the Best. Gift. Ever.

Sure this made up holiday is an especially difficult one to navigate, but don’t let your genuine attempts turn into disgusting cliches. Help me help you.

Tell me about the absolute best gift you ever gave your girl for V-Day.. or ladies the best gift you’ve ever been given! I’ll post the most creative/awesome gifts to the blog just in time for the holiday. ;)

You’re welcome.