Everything’s Bigger in Texas

If you needed more convincing that My Strange Addiction was the best show on TV, meet Sheyla Hershey.

On Sunday night, Sheyla will make an appearance on “My Strange Addiction” and share surprising facts about life with 38KKK boobs, like how she never needs a travel pillow on an airplane for example.

The Brazilian model who lives in Houston, Texas, is in possession of the world’s biggest breasts. In 2009 she told the Houston station KRIV, “I want to look better each day, every day. Everybody’s got a dream inside, you know? And it’s good when you can make your dream come true.”

My question is where did she get the money for 20+ surgeries to make these dreams come true? I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say she is unable to work, so what does her husband do? Professional athlete? Mafia don? Drug dealer?

OH and if all this wasn’t bad enough, apparently she nearly died after traveling to Brazil, where laws about plastic surgery are looser, to have even more surgery.

Well without her breasts she wouldn’t have a tv show, but that’s abou tit. .. err about it.