Krashing Down ‘Survivor One World’ Episode #1

Episode 1: “Two Tribes, One Camp, No Rules”

Survivor is back!  And boy am I excited.  18 new castaways set foot in Samoa for the adventure of a lifetime.  This go around Survivor has a new twist to offer.  A tribe of men and a tribe of women must live on the same beach together.  This creates a new strategical game-play all the castaways will face.  So lets jump right into it, with my Krashing Down Survivor One World!

Is it an ego thing or is it a game thing?

With everybody living on the same beach, there are some interesting quirks to this game.  At the very beginning of the game Jeff divided the tribes, then allowed them to loot goods off a truck.  Michael of the Manono “Men’s” tribe stole some goods from the Salani “Women’s” tribe.  While it is a legal move it was a dangerous one as well.  Much to Michael’s advantage the ladies didn’t know who took the goods.  They just know it was a male.  The men collected a lot more sufficient items for tribe building and set foot to their camp.  The Salani tribe arrived to camp first when both teams realized the twist.  They are living together.  Lines were divided quickly as the tribes tried to arrange a deal for chickens.  Matt and Alicia were overly vocal for their respective tribes.  Both feel like the men and women should not integrate.  Look it’s all good and dandy if you want to put a target on your back if I’m playing.  Why try and be a vocal leaded on day one.  I seriously wonder if some of these clowns have watched this show before?  As for the chickens, Chelsea caught two of them and kept them for Salani.  The men felt like they didn’t need chickens as they were able to create fire immediately.  This would be a huge advantage in the early going.  The tribes remained separated all besides Colton.  Colton is a character of the Manono tribe that wants to be with the women.  Regardless of his differences he put a target on his head by no helping his fellow men, and hanging out with the other tribe.  I believe there is an extent where you need to be friends with the enemies for later play.  But right now?  Not really.  To Colton’s advantage, he made friends with Sabrina.  Sabrina found a hidden immunity idol, but it was only for the men’s tribe.  She gave the idol to Colton which can allow him to tread water.  How much water can this guy tread however?  There’s no redemption island this season, and I HIGHLY doubt he’s as smart as Cochran.

Moving Forward

The opening challenge became a dud, due to an injury.  Kourtney broke her wrist and was forced to exit the challenge.  Manono was given the choice to automatically win the challenge.  Or they could finish playing where Salani has one less person.  This would mean they have a one player advantage, as it’s the tribe who makes it to the end first.  No brainer right?  Take the win.  The ladies felt like the men should have finished the challenge. PFFFFFFT!  Why would you give up free immunity.  This is my first time I’ll say it this season.  IT IS A GAME FOR A MILLION DOLLARS.  The Salani tribe was sent to tribal to vote someone off.  However with Kourtney’s injury she was taken out of the game.  Nobody would be voted out, but there was still an intense tribal.  Alicia a fiery player, felt like it was necessary to engage in a shouting match for no reason versus Christina.  Christina apparently was making shady deals with the guys.  How childish, what grade are we in Alicia?  The first episode didn’t offer too much besides comical laughs.  I can’t gauge who is going to be the strong players yet.  I can tell you who the weak ones are though.  Alicia, Colton, and Matt have all found ways to put themselves on the chopping block.  However the girls seem pretty dysfunctional, and if they can’t figure it out will they win immunity?  I hope for a fabulous season of Survivor One World!  Be sure to come here every week for my analysis of the best game on television, Survivor.

Player Of The Week:  Michael Jefferson