Krashing Down ‘Survivor One World’ Episode #2

Episode 2: “Total Dysfunction”

I’ve got to give it to the Survivor casting team this season.  They may have assembled one of the worst tribes in the history of the game.  The Salani tribe of females is an absolute disaster.  We’ve seen the men vs. women thing before where the females owned the game.  This season may be the exact opposite.

How To Lose The Game In Five Days

I didn’t think this was possible, but in Colton’s case it is.  This guy is an absolute clown, and is a waste of my time as a viewer.  Seriously CBS?  Why is this guy on the show.  I know I sound like I’m harping quite a bit, but the stupidity so far this season is extreme.  This guy refuses to do any work around Manono, and hangs out with the Salani tribe more.  Why?  Don’t you think you may just want to pretend to be friends with your tribe mates?  He finally wore his welcome out with the ladies as well.  Sabrina, now nominated the tribe leader told him to leave.  Colton throws a hissy fit that he can’t hang out with the ladies and cries.  SERIOUSLY?  This is a game for a million dollars and you’re crying the girls don’t want you infiltrating their camp.  Colton revealed to Troyzan and Jonas that he has the immunity idol.  Talk about a, “that really sucks” moment.  Fortunately for the guys I doubt they will have to vote anyone out anytime soon.  As for Colton, he has made the guys dislike him.  He has weird-ed the girls out, and he has no shot at winning this game.

If 6th Graders Played Survivor

There were two challenges in this episode of Survivor.  I’m THRILLED that the reward challenges appear to be back.  The first challenge was for tarp.  It was a simple game on the beach where the tribes had to untie a ton of rope knots.  The Manono tribe won with ease as the guys claimed tarp.  This will be a huge advantage going on, as there appears to be rain in the next episode.  As always however the immunity challenges prove most important.  The challenge was a classic Survivor competition.  All the castaways had to walk across a balance beam while crossing their tribe.  If they fell off they fell in the water and had to start over.  This challenge gets easier as it goes with less people.  Therefore you need to send your most athletic or balanced person first.  Who do the girls send?  One of the most worthless castaways I’ve seen.  Her name is Kat, and to say she’s not bright would be an understatement.  She had no idea what she was doing on the balance beam.  In fact she jumped off into the water twice when she didn’t have to.  I normally don’t say one person lost the challenge, but Kat did.  But lets not completely dump on her, these girls have been clueless.  They panic, have no leadership, and flat out don’t know what they’re doing.  Tribal council came and it should have been an easy vote.  Kat blew the challenge, and has nothing to offer.  But that wasn’t the thought process.  Kat is apparently a member of the core young girl alliance.  Instead Nina was ousted in an almost unanimous vote.  So lets get this straight.  They voted off an ex cop with athletic skill, for a girl who articulates like a 12 year old?  Alliance or not, the girls need immunity.  Without a tribe switch I don’t know if they will win an immunity challenge.


So far the show has been semi entertaining based on all of the controversy.  Girls yelling at each other, Colton crying, etc.  However the game play has been terrible.  I barely know any of the guys, and who is good?  Lets hope someone emerges, because this last episode didn’t offer much.  Player of the week?  I’ll throw it at Matt, he lead the immunity challenge pretty well.  Lets hope for some game play soon!

Player Of The Week:  Matt Quinlan

Player Of The Week Standings:

1.  Michael

1.  Matt