Rise of the Metrosexual

According to a new study, modern men have an increasingly soft center, and women prefer it that way.

The modern man is a big softy who cries over films, likes cuddling on the sofa, and enjoys a bubble bath.

The research provided by Häagen-Dazs revealed that millions of men listen to sappy love songs, become choked up if someone gets booted off X Factor, and enjoy watching the latest rom-com.

[from Daily Mail]

Am I the only one who is horrified by this news?!

..Apparently. Out of 1000 women surveyed, 77 percent are in favour of this change. And 9 times out of 10, they’d prefer a big softie to a tough guy.

Ed Culf, Marketing Director at Häagen-Dazs comments: ‘It is fantastic to see that the modern man not only takes better care of himself, but he is in touch with his emotions and is no longer embarrassed to share his softer center.

To me, this is just, well, sad. When it comes to dating, I absolutely loathe whiny metros and if a guy cries more than I do, that’s a giant red flag. And don’t even get me started on shaving. Seriously, there’s nothing worse than a guy who shaves his chest hair. I’v said it before and I’ll say it again: if I wanted to date something hairless, I’d play for the other side.

I want a real man, a real man’s man. I don’t want to be out somewhere with a man who I feel, were a fight to break out, I’d have to protect.


Think John Wayne vs Zac Efron, Clark Gable vs Orlando Bloom, Gerard Butler vs David Beckham. SERIOUSLY? No contest.

But am I alone here? Ladies do you prefer a guy you can share your moisturizer with? And guys, what are your thoughts on this?!